So I wrote earlier about Windows Live Writer… I’m slightly ashamed to say that it actually rocks.

I really enjoy MarsEdit for OSX, but I can’t stomach paying $40 for it. is a new contender, and at $4.99 for it might be reasonable, if this QTM app doesn’t pan out.

I’m watching Hell’s Kitchen and attempting to figure out how I’m going to use subversion for my laundry-sensor. The laundy sensor will be the first step towards my own home-automation. I need to get there first!

Must purchase the arduino first. I think Makeshed has one that has the ethernet shield built in. I can’t tell if using ethernet will be more beneficial. The long term plan is for 802.1X in the home, and authenticated 1X with LDAP integration on a dedicated debian VM… If 1X is in the future for wireless auth at the house, I think that ethernet should be preferred. Perhaps I’ll think on it. I need to restructure the site here. More thoughts tomorrow.