I don’t often eat lunch at work. Its not a cash grab, or anything, I just found that I prefer eating once daily. So, often, I miss time that I could be bonding with my team because I’m sitting behind my terminal fixing things.

We’re situated in the heart of Baltimore, so our lunch options are many. Most of the restaurants are a bit on the pricey side, as they’re places like Ruth’s Chris, and Capitol Grille, etc. Interestingly enough, most of these places have CHEAP lunch specials (in comparison to their normal menus, of course…). Today, we went to Capitol Grille, and I had a Filet Salad. It was $21, but worth it.

We work in a hectic environment. Most of us sit within 10 feet of the other team members, yet are specifically charged with sitting close and interacting with loads of people that aren’t the ones in our immediate vicinity. It’s been so nice outside, and eating a good meal with your team really helps to build relationships.

Completely unrelated note, the blogging client I’ve been using, PixelPumper, is pretty good, but doesn’t support dragging and dropping images. Have you ever heard of such an oversight?