I picked up a Neo Geo 4 slot at the request of a friend (lets call it a commission work, I guess?). It had a power supply in it that was rusty and dirty and loud as can be. It was this model:

IMG 20180226 104030

Now, you can just go get a replacement for this, and thats what I did. Twisted Quarter still has them for $50 which is a spicy meatball if you’re trying to make a profit (especially since those dudes are seemingly incapable of shipping something for less than $15). So that sucks, but it is an option.


Since apparently 2018 is the year of rebuilding power supplies, here’s the cap list:

Location uf v
C5 330uf 200v
C6 330uf 200v
C9 1uf 50v
C10 1uf 50v
C14 1uf 50v
C15 1uf 50v
C16 4.7uf 50v
C17 47uf 50v
C18 10uf 50v
C24 4700uf 16v
C25 2200uf 16v
C26 470uf 25v
C27 1uf 50v
C28 2200uf 16v
C29 22uf 25v

As always, Joe over at https://syracusesemiconductors.com/ was very accommodating when I emailed him to request a custom kit. I’m going to get him to try to add it to his site, but you know how that goes. How many people are actually going to recap these things?

The fan is an 80mm by 80mm by 25mm 12vdc fan, same as most of the other PSUs I rebuild (apparently). So I just used this dude from Amazon, since it sold as a 5 pack, and prime, and thats awesome.