I received an email on Friday, 10/17/2015, about a bonded pair of pups that needed a foster. They were called “DOOGIE/MO” and “MARLEY” in the system. I have a giant crate, but we needed another so I ran out and bought another. We expected the boys on 10/19, but they were apparently stricken with kennel cough, so they had to stay at Towson Veterinary Hospital for a few more days.

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To say these dudes were cute is an understatement. Laura and I are not really into having two dogs, long term, so we’ve not really experienced with “brothers” or a bonded pair at all. It is amazing to watch their codependence. I told you I bought the other crate, well these kids didn’t need it. Marley (the chocolate lab) would actually cry and bark if he was separated into a different crate than Doogie. It was really something.

When we received the transport of these boys, they smelled like kennel… Really badly. So Dave and I took them to Dogma in Canton, because I like lifted tubs, and warm water, and I’ll pay for the privilege of not freezing my butt off bathing two dogs in the cold. They got back to our place and crashed HARD for about 2 days. So sleepy.


They were pretty cool. Marley could do this thing where he was so flexible and long-legged that he could scratch his head with his back legs without sitting down. It was awesome.

Eight days after they got here, we were in a groove, and they were keeping me company during the day, we’d take a walk during lunch, and chew antlers and whatnot. We got a call that there were some folks interested in Doogie and Marley. They had two dogs before, so it sounded like a great fit. We invited them to come meet the boys (10/29/2015), and they seemed smitten immediately. Its a good sign when someone sits on the floor instead of the couch (thats my move, usually). They did go home with the pups.

I received a call at 9:30AM from the adoption coordinator that the boys had run before they were able to make it into the house, so I went up and looked for a couple hours. I left the crate there, with the blankets they’d used. The people were super frazzled. Thursday night they left, and they were found on Saturday, October 31, five miles away, by two nice guys. They called the boys over and they hopped right in the truck.

Update 11/30: The adopters have returned the boys. We had Gizmo, so we could not take them back immediately, so they were at Towson Vet for a few days, but they’re back, and Marley is so very skinny. I’ve been giving him two cookies and Doogie just one cookie. Don’t tell him. Truth be told, I considered keeping them. They really are two of the sweetest pups. Some folks came on 12/5 to meet them, and were under the impression that they were taking them home. Laura and I were happy to see how they interacted with the boys… They brought them Christmas collars, with engraved name tags. It was much harder to let them go this time… But I think they’ve found their home.

Real talk though, if they get returned again, they aren’t leaving my side.