Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out like a year ago, and, as per usual, I was pretty late to the party. I got the game for $16.32 on an eBay low-ball special, and started it up.

I had a lot of fun with the game, but, if you haven’t played it, you get a distinct feeling of “Is this it?”. You gather things, you sell them. You pay off your mortgage and are forced into another one.

You dig up fossils. You go fishing. You plant tree. You talk to your townsfolk. And thats the problem.

Your value in the game is based on what your townspeople think of you, and if you don’t talk to them BASICALLY every day, they guilt trip you. I’m done with you, animal crossing. I hate guilt trips in games!

I sold this game for $25 bucks and I don’t even regret it.