Veterinary Blood Donation

Ganon gave blood today for the 3rd time.

When dogs need surgery, they often need blood transfusions, in a very similar way to humans. They get this blood from many sources, but a big one (just like humans) is blood donation.

We use Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank. The process is pretty easy, you fill out a form on their site, they reach out to you, and you show up at the same time once every 6 weeks for at least a year. You get some pretty sweet perks as a result.

  • Free Heartworm and Lyme’s disease testing
  • Brucella Testing
  • Complete blood profile (which is then sent to your vet!)
  • Brief physical exam before the donation
  • Aforementioned blood / plasma discounts

They also get a sweet bandana and cookies like crazy. If your dog is in pretty good health, check out the site. Help the puppies!