Paper journaling or online journaling

Does it matter which journal you use? Online, in the form of a blog, or paper, in the form of a journal… Doesn’t matter if you ignore both! 

Quincy is still here, and he’s cute, but he’s a jerk to everyone but Laura and I. So that’s a miserable thing… Not like he’s had a steady stream of visitors, so we keep adding to the list of things that would potentially drive people away. Neat!

Picked up a DDR machine, and had a ton of fun fixing up the pads. Hopefully will knock together a quick tutorial (and post it here) for folks looking to flip their pads from trash to treasure. Mine weren’t all that bad, but I think most people don’t really know how good their pads are. I mean, my machine has 80k clicks on the coin box, but original sensors, as far as I can tell, and its one of the best machines I’ve played on, DDR A machines included. Feels good!

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