I’m going to have to cede victory to Marsedit for OSX as the best darn blogging tool for the Mac. Windows Live Writer is the best on Windows, hands down, far and away.

Windows Live Writer is actually better, in a lot of ways, than all the Mac offerings, the exception being Marsedit. Marsedit is $40 USD, which is the only thing that stopped me from arguing that it is the best.

It does drag and drop images, page editing, offline editing, and generally behaves like a Mac app should… Thats the difference. Ugh.

There is a fitness challenge going on at work, which I’ll be taking part in. Laura says it looks like I’m dropping weight again, which, I hope, is true. Confirmation bias, and all that. I’ve been using LoseIt again, since thats the “Official Fitness Tracker” that they’re using. I know that the odds are stacked against me for winning this, at all. I have a bit of a pessimistic idea about it… The executives that will want to hand-shake the people that win the prize (trips to the biggest loser resorts around the country) will not want to leave Minnesota to do so.

The goals are ridiculous things… Exercise 150 minutes a week, lose 5% of your bodyweight, eat 1000 calories of both fruits and vegetables, walk 10,000 steps a day. I’ll argue that the time-based exercise requirement and the fruits and vegetables goals are gimmies… Because I do those already. Semi-regularly I find myself doing more that 150 minutes of exercise a day. I digress.

Laura and I are running the 9/11 Memorial 5K race in Baltimore, appropriately called a “Race to Remember”. Runs from the Baltimore World Trade Center into Fed Hill. The shirt should be pretty cool, if nothing else. Without thinking about it, I’ve registered us for a ton of races, this 5k, the half-marathon in Baltimore in October, the Turkey Trot in Bel Air (I’m giving charm city this 9/11 5k and the turkey trot to turn around my opinion of them), and I hope to do the Celtic Solstice 5-miler in December.

The ultimate goal is to be able to actually do the Tampa Bay Gasparilla running festival, which consists of doing a 5k and 15k on Saturday, and a half marathon and 8k on Sunday, which will garner me 5 shirts, 5 medals, and a huge boost of ego. Ha