Lousy Smarch Weather

It’s March 20, and it snowed today. Thats horrible. I know I’m not the only one to post the image below. I don’t care.


Dropbox recently reduced my “free” storage to 3 GB, which isn’t really acceptable. I saw a link on reddit that said you could get 100GB added to your free-tier account (already 15GB, so 5x my dropbox) for no cost for a year. Since they’ve got an iOS version, an OS X version, and a Windows version (obviously), it was really a no-brainer to give it a shot. I only used dropbox for, essentially, temporary file storage. I don’t trust their privacy policy (https://www.dropbox.com/privacy) because it says that they’ll basically hand over my stuff if anyone says boo. I use spider oak for my backups, since they’ll hand the data over too… But its encrypted, so good luck! I don’t have anything to hide, but if its all the same, I’ll keep to myself. Thanks!

I use use OneDrive for sending links to people (I used to use a transmit droplet to this site’s predecessor, but I find the ubiquity of the OneDrive folder across devices to be much easier to use) and store my encrypted password database (from http://www.keepassx.org/). It works well enough, and I can send a photoset to someone without stressing about it, or juggling. So far, so good. I’ve also started using Bing, because the “100GB for a year” promotion means that i have to search for 500 things, and i get that 100GB for my OneDrive, basically, in perpetuity. I like that. 

IMG 3702

Laura and I are trying to move on and heal from the loss of Ganon. Its very difficult. She’s crafted a shadowbox with his collar, and his ball, as well as a picture and a pintresty-but-adorable poem altered to match his life with us. It’s been difficult to process him being gone. Different things catch my eye funny… Walking out the door and not seeing him on the ottoman, looking at all the framed pictures. We still haven’t touched his toy box. Part of me feels like, I don’t know… If i move them, I’ll forget about him. I won’t, and i know I won’t, but it seems too final to put his stuff away. 

This weekend, for the second time, I’m escorting a dog named “Abbott” to an adoption event. He’s a sad soul, completely deaf, and visually impaired. He’s absolutely stunning, and very cuddly, regardless of his impairments. I’ll make no secret that I’ve become artificially attached to this dog as a coping mechanism. All of my friends dogs (and one friends cat) are getting extreme attention from me. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to think that getting another dog isn’t replacing Ganon. The ideal time for it is summer, when Laura is off, but this summer isn’t even a remote possibility. Here’s a picture of Abbott.


Other than that, I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a DDR machine. The financial stress that we incurred because of Ganon’s veterinary needs kinda pushed it out of the realm of possibility for a “new” machine (one from japan, real brand new style), but I’m keeping my eye out for a cheap one. There is a guy in California selling a Supernova 2 for more-than-I-want, but its not selling. Hopefully, he will accept my offer sooner, rather than later.