I missed the Baltimore Half Marathon Today

And it taught me a lesson about being humble. 

i have been registered for this event for 8 months, a long time. i’ve been talking about, hyping it up, amassing support, and everything. I’m a runner, nothing will stop me from running. Not the rain, nothing!

And then I basically ruined my neck the day before the race. This is where it hurts!

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I have never had neck injuries that stopped me from doing anything. Sure, a little crunchy, a little crack here and there, a little soreness, but never “ouch, you need to lie down and not get up for a few days.” The good news is that I had already taken off next week so that i could just chill out. That also means the bad news is that my “stay-cation” could be ruined by recovery. A friend asked me to watch his dog while he’s on a trip, so Wednesday through Sunday, so that should be fun. Classic derp action. 

Anyhow, my neck feels better today than it did yesterday, so as long as we continue in the “feels better than it did yesterday” trend, I should be right as rain in a couple days. Anyhow, I guess the moral to the story is: don’t hype yourself up too much, or people will be bummed when you have to quit because some bullshit happens.