So, just this past Sunday evening, I took a trip to Harrisburg, PA to transport some dogs from the Rescue Road Warriors team to the Dogs XL Rescue. I picked up two passengers, Abby the Belgian Malinois (P17) and Mattix the fox-red Golden Retriever (P15). That may have been Mattix, Maddox, Maticks, or Mattox. I’m not sure.

To follow the chronology of these dogs was simply staggering. The RRW team has an email chain that goes out coordinating the whole deal, which is 45 (!) pages long. My passengers started in Springfield, Missouri, and on Saturday alone, drove all the way to Columbus, Ohio. They stayed the night at some other volunteer’s houses, and hit the road in the morning, drove all day, and met up with me in Harrisburg, PA. Just for fun, I snapped some pictures. I had a great time, Abby loved the front seat, and Mattix was exhausted, so he slept in the back. It’s worth noting that most of the drive is on one road (Interstate 83), back to Baltimore, so these guys, certainly exhausted from two full days of traveling, slept most of the way. Notable moments were when Abby fell asleep on my gear shifter, and when she fell asleep the wrong way on my armrest. She was adorable.

IMG 3325

I could have taken either one of them home. Abby’s hair was total fluff, though, and I think I’m going to take a leaf blower to my car this evening, or no one will be able to ride in the car ever again.

IMG 0016

IMG 2163

IMG 5133