I just watched the movie “Contracted.”

Here’s the trailer:

So, I thought, “This movie looks pretty neat. There is a real chance to make a dent in someone’s thought process about sex and this times we’re living in. This could be great!”

I went into it with a very open mind. I’m going to put the jump here, so we can just talk about spoilers and not worry about.

SPOILER ALERT! If you do not want this cinematic masterpiece to be spoiled, do not read below.

Sam is a lesbian. She’s got troubles. She goes to a party and is totally down, but her friend convinces her that shots are the best way out of this. She gets dateraped.

Now, this is where things start getting a little crazy. You see, apparently this guy, introduced as “BJ,” has a disease that turns you into a zombie, if you have unprotected sex with him. Presumably, he knows this.

So, we are given a 3 day countdown, until, presumably, Sam dies. This sickness is PRETTY serious. Some of the symptoms of the disease are: very heavy menstrual bleeding, vomiting, hair loss, eye rupture, grey skin, necrosis of the skin, loss of teeth, and loss of sanity.



We find out later that Sam is a recovering heroin addict. At this point, I thought “Oh! This movie is an allegory! To explain how a person could be toxic to a recovering addict!” You see, early in the movie, we’re given a peek into Sam’s life as a lesbian, with her girlfriend Nikki. Nikki seems to be pretty anti-man, but the character is poorly played. I’m not certain that the movie needed Sam to have a love interest. It feels like it could have been removed entirely, and the script wouldn’t have actually suffered. The relationship may have been there to further “push” Sam back to drugs. I can’t be certain.

After Sam gets worse and worse, she turns into a zombie, which didn’t really make sense to me. As I said, I wanted this movie to be an allegory for something… Anything. The movie feels like it was trying to gross me out, but didn’t have the funds to do so. I didn’t feel empathy for Sam, nor Nikki. The only person I felt empathy for was Riley who… Well, watch it. Its gross. You’ll feel bad for Riley too.