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  • PSCustomObject – Concept

    I have struggled with basic programming concepts in my journey towards understanding Powershell, and the term “Object Oriented Programming” has only recently begun to coalesce a reasonable definition in my head. I’ve largely used PoSH for reporting and functionality in my life, and being able to use PSCustomObject has been a roadblock that I have […]

  • Working from home – Pros and Cons

    Lots of people are working from home now, pandemic-induced and otherwise. I did it from 2015-2018, and I can say that its a mixed bag. I don’t like the encroachment on my personal space, I don’t like the lack of social interaction. But I really like fostering rescue dogs.

  • Frustration fuels growth, but also more frustration

    After all my years in the “biz”, I struggled intensely to add a Windows CA to an ubuntu box today. Just goes to show you, no matter how long you’ve been doing this, or how good you are, you know nothing and its frustration all the way down! I’ve said, repeatedly, in fact, so repeatedly […]

  • Powershell– If/else for checking if a user is logged in

    Sometimes, you’d like to check if a particular user (like a local admin) is logged in, before you run your script. Here is that code: $CurrentlyLoggedInUserName = [Environment]::UserName if( $CurrentlyLoggedInUserName -eq “jwolcott”) { write-host “true” }else { write-host “false” }

  • Integration

    Sometime between the last time I regularly updated this blog and now, Red Sweater upgraded MarsEdit to a new version, and got their act together with JetPack and made their desktop client work. The worst sentence on the internet, but here it goes: “I hope to blog more”. This site was super updated for […]

  • Peter Chou IMP-44-1040 or USP-11-150x Power Supply Rebuild

    I picked up a Neo Geo 4 slot at the request of a friend (lets call it a commission work, I guess?). It had a power supply in it that was rusty and dirty and loud as can be. It was this model: Now, you can just go get a replacement for this, and thats […]

  • Paper journaling or online journaling

    Does it matter which journal you use? Online, in the form of a blog, or paper, in the form of a journal… Doesn’t matter if you ignore both!  Quincy is still here, and he’s cute, but he’s a jerk to everyone but Laura and I. So that’s a miserable thing… Not like he’s had a […]

  • Did you forget about The Critic?

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out like a year ago, and, as per usual, I was pretty late to the party. I got the game for $16.32 on an eBay low-ball special, and started it up. I had a lot of fun with the game, but, if you haven’t played it, you get a distinct […]

  • Make it hard to spot the General by working like a soldier.