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  • Tanium’s REST / Powershell Documentation is bad

    I banged my head on my desk for a several days to work out how to ask Tanium a question via REST / Powershell. Their examples were terrible, and the whole thing was riddled with spelling mistakes. I got it working, and carved up the results into different Excel documents. I documented the whole thing […]

  • System Administrators Day!

    Today is System Administrator’s Day. Nurses and Teachers get a week. Veterans get national holidays. Without system administrators, this world that we live in stops dead, cold in its tracks. Go hug your sys admins. We get screamed at an awful lot, and we don’t pull the plug on the world, which means we love […]

  • Truecrypt is Dead?

    I’ll throw this here, just as a reactionary post.  Truecrypt is no longer a thing, as announced by their site. There are a lot of theories swirling around, and I can’t tell which I like best. Most involved tinfoil hats. Some theories are: MBR / GPT: Truecrypt can’t do full disk encryption past 2.2 TB […]