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  • Fostering Quincy

    6-30-2019 Update: I originally wrote this post with the idea that Quincy would be adopted quickly. He was not. This post might read weird, I’m trying to clean it up, but, basically, this post has been 3 years in the making. I am brain dumping here, to have a historical record of everything I can […]

  • Update – The worst kind of update

    The worst kind of update… the “sorry i haven’t updated this blog and I promise its not going to be like this forever, baby I can change”. We have Quincy, a foster that is a super duper velcro dog. I don’t post things about dogs I’m fostering until they get adopted so STAY TUNED for […]

  • Fostering Bella

    Miss Bella.  Christmas Eve saw Midnight’s departure with his new family. They had their hands full, and wanted to return him on Christmas Day. The wonderful adoption coordinator talked them off the ledge, and as I hear it (from the adopters), they’re totally smitten with him. That was a giant relief. We had plans for […]

  • Fostering Midnight

    After Gizmo left, it became pretty aggressively clear that I can’t be alone in a house with no dog. I emailed our contact at Lab Rescue, and i got this back: Hi, Jesse. I have a gorgeous black boy ready for you at Towson. His name is Midnight. 18 months old, 65 pounds, and got […]

  • Fostering Gizmo

    I received an email on November 11 from the foster coordinator of Lab Rescue LRCP about Gizmo, a 5 year old black lab male who was freaking out in the Vet in Towson. Laura and I were slated to watch Doogie and Marley (see their post below) from December 5-15, so we were apprehensive, but […]

  • Fostering Doogie and Marley

      I received an email on Friday, 10/17/2015, about a bonded pair of pups that needed a foster. They were called “DOOGIE/MO” and “MARLEY” in the system. I have a giant crate, but we needed another so I ran out and bought another. We expected the boys on 10/19, but they were apparently stricken with […]

  • Rescue Animals

    Now, full disclosure. I understand that a lot of my blog posts are about animals. I get that. I self-identify as the dog version of crazy-cat-lady. Whenever the “At parties, I play with the dog” meme gets recycled, I’m the one people tag. I’m involved heavily with 3 separate dog rescue organizations in the Baltimore […]

  • My Dog: An Epilogue

    My dog was terminally ill. He passed away in my arms this evening. My first real post on this blog was about him: We both grew up with Labs, so I searched for “Lab Rescue” and found Lab Rescue LRCP, and went through the application and interview process, which we, apparently, passed. The interview […]

  • Veterinary Blood Donation

    Ganon gave blood today for the 3rd time. When dogs need surgery, they often need blood transfusions, in a very similar way to humans. They get this blood from many sources, but a big one (just like humans) is blood donation. We use Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank. The process is pretty easy, you fill […]