Category: Microsoft

  • Code Challenge – FizzBuzz

    I recently interviewed for a position with a company that was very much an “individual contributor” role. I have used powershell for loads of things throughout my life but was never testing in real time, so it was interesting and fun to have it be part of my interview. A lot of “classically training” coders […]

  • Mail Clients

    Mail applications seem to have become increasingly popular as a “revolution to the way you work.” I just got an email for Mail Pilot, which promises to allow me the exciting ability to “Experience intuitive email with a simple, task-oriented approach.” That might be awesome, but I’ll never know. Email to my personal accounts is […]

  • “InfoPath” or “Where my patience goes to die”–Part 1

    I’ve known about Microsoft’s InfoPath for a while, and as a part of most MS Office installs, its not a super huge mystery that it exists. Its existence, though, is questionable. I’m trying to figure out WHY it exists. Clearly, it was meant for some database integration, as well as form creation, and its meant […]