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  • I have a serious problem

    I have an issue. Its difficult for me to accept it, and to reach out and ask, nay… beg for help. I’m addicted to running events. I ran the Baltimore 10 Miler, then 7 days later I ran the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k. I’ve now registered for some allegedly moonlight 5k in Bel Air on Saturday, June 29, and […]

  • Been Racing Around!

    Ok, phew! The last 7 days has been a whirlwind, so, this’ll mark the “catch up” post! On June 15, I ran the Baltimore 10 Miler, with Laura, so that was cool: The premium was the fresh jackets you see us wearing. Just for fun, this was after 10 miles of running in the heat of […]

  • 10,000 Kettlebell Swings. Again.

    Around October, I read about a story where a guy named James Heathers grabbed a heavy kettlebell and swungit 1,000 times a day for 10 days, accomplishing a seemingly-impossible 10,000+ swings.  Check out his saga here. Being the  glutton-for-punishment that I am, I decided to give this a go in early march, spraining my IT […]

  • Color Run Success

    As expected, the Color Run was OK, but a lot of novice people slowing things down. I can say that the color was definitely hard to breathe through. I coughed a lot. 

  • Color Run Jitters

    I’m getting the pre-run jitters for this Color Run.  Its a 5k, and Laura and I ran 3.04 last night. I shouldn’t be worried. Whats intriguing to me is that I badly want to take my camera (were it that I had a Go Pro!), but I’m torn between wanting pictures and being worried that […]

  • Minimal Shoes, Maximum Run Times

    So, I’m writing this post from Windows Live Writer, and it bears striking resemblance to Office 2010. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by that. I’ve cleaned up the site, removed some things, and will be adding my projects. Couple of things have happened since my last update. I’ve torn my meniscus, and had it […]

  • This happened!