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  • Integration

    Sometime between the last time I regularly updated this blog and now, Red Sweater upgraded MarsEdit to a new version, and got their act together with JetPack and made their desktop client work. The worst sentence on the internet, but here it goes: “I hope to blog more”. This site was super updated for […]

  • Update – The worst kind of update

    The worst kind of update… the “sorry i haven’t updated this blog and I promise its not going to be like this forever, baby I can change”. We have Quincy, a foster that is a super duper velcro dog. I don’t post things about dogs I’m fostering until they get adopted so STAY TUNED for […]

  • Pens

    This could possibly be considered the most boring blog post of all time, but the Zebra G-301 is an awesome pen that lasts for like 2 whole weeks. I’m going back to Sharpie pens, these can be considered a failed experiment. I’ve used them for a month and gone through 4 refills. No thanks!

  • The Art of Social Media

    Social media has taken over our lives, replacing traditional correspondence, news delivery, photo albums, music recommendations, and even high school reunions. There are basically 4 types of post that any given person posts on any given social network, and its important to talk about them before we figure out whats WRONG with them. 1. The […]

  • How to train circus elephants

    I heard a story on a podcast this weekend that I really liked, so I think I’ll share it! The way you train a circus elephant… If you understand that, for the rest of your life, you can challenge yourself when you get stuck. Because what they do is, when a baby elephant is brought […]

  • I am unprepared

    I just watched Nicki Minaj’s video for “Anaconda,” and I don’t really know how to react to it. Holy moly, this is what pop music is now…

  • – Helping (pt 2!)

    My first contribution to is up! Hooray KeepassX!

  • – Helping

    I’m working furiously on a new-ish project, because I want to help the guy behind I started building other scripts over at my github. There is so much to do, and so very little time! Also, markdown is useful, and fine, I guess, for github to use, but man there are some GLARING errors […]

  • Two whole posts in one day?

    I just found this stupid website, and I can’t stop goofing with it.

  • Truecrypt is Dead?

    I’ll throw this here, just as a reactionary post.  Truecrypt is no longer a thing, as announced by their site. There are a lot of theories swirling around, and I can’t tell which I like best. Most involved tinfoil hats. Some theories are: MBR / GPT: Truecrypt can’t do full disk encryption past 2.2 TB […]