Category: Bidness

  • Still working, just on other stuff!

    I’ve been live streaming on Facebook, and recreating as an online store for arcade stuff.  Quincy is still here, and I don’t know that I’ll get to post this “Fostering Quincy” post that has been in drafting for 1.5 years!

  • The devil finds work for idle hands

    So much happening, yet so little to report! I’ve been busy launching a small media business, over at I want to create more jesse-centric content. For right now, I’m still pouring myself into the photography / media business. We’re going places, I hope!

  • Spreadshirt

    I started a store on “Spreadshirt”. Its a pretty neat site, where you can, essentially, open up a store, like cafepress. I’m not sure I notice a REAL distinction between cafepress and spreadshirt… The possible exception being a stigma related towards cafepress products. I made these shirts because I think they’re cool, and I would […]