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  • Sega Triforce Dip Switch Settings

    Since it took some digging for me to find these, may you will find this useful Triforce: Dip 1: Not Used Dip 2: Not Used Dip 3: Not Used Dip 4: On = Vertical, Off = Horizontal Dip 5: On = C-Sync, Off = H,V Sync Dip 6: On = 31KHz, Off = 15KHz Triforce: […]

  • Sun JVS Power Supply Rebuild

    So we use these Sun power supplies to power our naomis and whatnot, because they’re nice, usually pinned correctly, and have an adjustable 3.3v rail. Thats all well and good, and if you want them to last forever, you can recap them, just like you would anything else. I looked around at the internet, and […]

  • Pump it Up CX Modifications: Part 1

    Just got back from Ohio, where I picked up another Pump it Up machine, this time, for keeps! Its a Japanese CX model, which is the same as the international model, but about a foot shorter in the header. Its interesting to open these pads up, since I’ve never messed with this newer version, and […]

  • Korean DDR Pad Connector

    In case you wondered…

  • 2/27 Arcade work!

    Laura and I started putting the decals on Mortal Combat, and they look GREAT if I’m honest. I ordered custom drilled plexi, and its not perfectly square, so thats an issue. The T-mold is also a little goofy on the control panel but that should turn out ~ok~.  Otherwise, America’s Army is working with mame, […]

  • Andamiro MK9 hardware revision

    Motherboard – ASRock G41C-GS Processor – Compatible Memory – 2GB, compatible Video Card – Nvidia GT210

  • 1/27 Arcade Work Update

    MvC2 WORKS! I need to repaint the control panel and figure out the size of bolts for candy panels… I’ve got a guy working on a marquee, I hope! CvS needs its pins crimped, but we’re almost there too! Mortal Bishi Bashi Kombat is a dream differed. I can’t get the software to install at […]

  • 1/26 Arcade Work Update

    Last night was full of great work! Silent scope is almost ready for action, but I ran out of glue for the last ~1.5 feet of t-mold. Go figure. MVC2 in VT2 is really getting there! I crimped and pinned most of the control panel last night, and just have to sort out the pin-out […]

  • Life is funny

    Today I saw a picture from an arcade in Great Yarmouth, UK I was immediately curious about how i could get those banners, because they are awesome. I then messaged several arcades in Great Yarmouth. I messaged people through the internet on the other side of the world to ask about a dance game banner. […]

  • Round 1 Taunton – Arcade Opening

    Round 1 is a Japanese arcade conglomerate, as in “All those things they say about Japanese arcades is true (and partially because of) of Round 1”. They are known for arcade games, karaoke, bowling, and amusements in Japan. That’s not remarkable, as Sega does this, Taito does this, loads of independent arcade operators do this, […]