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  • Productivity and Loathing in Las Vegas (but really its Baltimore)

    Probably as long as I’ve been aware of it, I’ve struggled with productivity. It is my natural workflow to be spread-too-thin-across-too-many-projects, and while I can certainly identity that there is a problem (and they tell me the first step is admitting it), I’ve engaged in a life-long battle to defeat it. Of course, if you […]

  • Round 1 Taunton – Arcade Opening

    Round 1 is a Japanese arcade conglomerate, as in “All those things they say about Japanese arcades is true (and partially because of) of Round 1”. They are known for arcade games, karaoke, bowling, and amusements in Japan. That’s not remarkable, as Sega does this, Taito does this, loads of independent arcade operators do this, […]