About Me

Hello, there!

My name is Jesse, and odds are you’re happening upon this site because you already know me. Or intend to know me. Let me introduce myself.


This handsome devil is yours truly. Some time ago, I lost a ton of weight. That is not important. There are many things that define me, but losing weight is not one of them. I’m very curious, and constantly getting into new hobbies. Learning every day is what keeps me going.

I grew up in York, Pennsylvania, in a townhome off of the Susquehanna trail (in North York, if its all the same, to you). I played little league baseball, and soccer. That was fun. When I was 11, my mother took a job in Columbia, MD as the Area Director of an occupational healthcare provider (again, if its all the same, it was Concentra). We packed up our home and moved to Bel Air, Maryland, where I lived out my formative years, going to Fallston High School. Their motto/slogan is “A proud tradition of excellence,” a sentiment which is one of those things that you say louder and louder to get yourself to believe it when the carpet is 40 years old. Ouch.

After 4 years, 3 musical, a dozen choral concerts, and 2 plays, I graduated high school, and packed my bags for Chestertown, Maryland, where I attended (and completed) my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management at Washington College.

During college, I worked at the Helpdesk as the Student Supervisor, and as the Apple Campus Representative. The Helpdesk position began my support career, and I learned oodles of things, including how to use Mac OSX, and Mac Classic, in addition to various bleeding-edge tech that WC was able to implement, as a small school. I was approached by the Account Executive for Apple to be the Campus Rep, which I jumped into full-steam. The intel-based Macs had just touched down, so we could FINALLY play games on them. That was exciting.

Thanks to my contacts with Apple, a local area service provider (Ease Technologies, Inc.) hired me out of school as a Network Consultant. During my tenure with Ease (5 years), I deployed about 30,000 Apple computers, and thousands of iPads, as well as architected solutions using Mac OSX Server (Don’t laugh, it used to be a thing), and integrated OSX with enterprise all over the states of Maryland and Virginia, and the District of Columbia. This job was one of those jobs that not only gave me a TON of experience, it also let me interact with dozens of different clients, and network configurations. It let me figure out how to plan a project, and how to listen to customers to hear what they ACTUALLY want. I can write a mean requirements document, I’ll tell you that.

After some changes in the Apple enterprise world left me with more questions than answers, I decided to retreat into using Mac OSX as a consumer, and to pick up Microsoft Windows professionally. As an interesting side note, in the 9 years that I didn’t pay attention to Windows, it hadn’t changed much. I got a job as a Senior Technical Support Analyst with XLHealth, Inc., which was acquired by United Healthgroup, Inc. After a while, they made me a supervisor, with a bunch of people under me in a couple sites. That was fun! Then they moved me to a remote deployment support team, and that wasn’t fun. I supported the Windows 10 project to the tune of 22,000 computers, and other giant projects.

In summer of 2018, I started working as the IT Manager for Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD, a Caesars Entertainment property, where I work to this day.

So I’ve gone from higher education, to small-medium (and occasionally large) business as a consultant, to a man-on-the-front-lines at a Fortune 20 subsidiary, to a casino. I’ve worked in education, television, healthcare, government affairs, and even a staffing agency run out of a home. From big to small, Windows, Mac, Linux and more.


In early 2011, I started distance running, as a hobby. It seemed like a good way to get exercise, and while I was completing the Couch-to-5k program, I realized that I actually like running. After I ran my first half marathon in Richmond, Virginia, in November 2011. I’ve since run two more half marathons, and a few 5ks. I tore the meniscus in my left knee in summer 2012, so that stunted my running for some time… But after completing a rigorous physical therapy program (thanks Life Fitness!), I trained for and completed a full marathon, in addition to a bunch of smaller races. I did the DC Ragnar in 2014, and it was really intense.

I also really enjoy weight lifting.

I’m a dog lover. My first dog was a rescue named Ganon, then I got stuck with a foster named Quincy. I have few beliefs that border on religious, but animal rescue is one of the things that makes me who I am, and who I have become.

I foster dogs, and its one of my great joys in life. To date, I’ve fostered 6 dogs.

My wife and I had a child in spring 2017. Being a dad, and sharing the quirky things that you are into, is the coolest experience.