Last night was full of great work!

Silent scope is almost ready for action, but I ran out of glue for the last ~1.5 feet of t-mold. Go figure.

MVC2 in VT2 is really getting there! I crimped and pinned most of the control panel last night, and just have to sort out the pin-out now. I’m only missing the medium-punch button on the harness, and I’m not TOTALLY sure that that button is in the molex pack from the IO. Once I get this one done, I hope to be able to roll through the next one, since the pinout will be easy easy. I need to order more .110 pins.

Jubeat’s headphone amp is well under-way. I need a different cable (of course) to get the 1/8” audio source to the amp, and I need a small metal cage to shield the PCB. Also working on getting the router installed, which is a little goofy, but I basically missed the entire routing part in the instructions, so I’ll have to go back and fix that.