10,000 Kettlebell Swings. Again.

Around October, I read about a story where a guy named James Heathers grabbed a heavy kettlebell and swungit 1,000 times a day for 10 days, accomplishing a seemingly-impossible 10,000+ swings.  Check out his saga here.

Being the  glutton-for-punishment that I am, I decided to give this a go in early march, spraining my IT band, and regretting my decision. I may pick up a lighter kettlebell (after all, it may have been ambitious to start with 50 lbs). The big deal, this time around, is foam rolling and properly handling my IT band… Or I’ll likely have more trouble than the whole thing is worth. I’m going to start with 5 days at 100 swings, and see how that goes. Of course, physical therapy and running will continue. My original plan was to complete this once Laura is through with school in June, standing outside in the mornings.

In other news, I may seek out a DEXA scan. Turns out Advanced Radiology will do one for $168.80. While I’m saving for my ESX host and NAS array, I’m not sure I can swing that, exactly, but it sure would be nice to see where the fat is on my body, and a really accurate display. We’ll see, I guess.

I will update tomorrow with my first day of kettlebell swinging. Tonight’s run should be light (assuming my shoes are dry) so I should be in reasonable shape for giving it a go tomorrow. I’ve also been using the Universal Nutrition “Animal Cuts” supplement pack for 2 days, and there is none, zero, absolutely no effect on appetite. I feel like the first priority of ANY weight loss supplement should be appetite suppressant, but, perhaps that’s why I’m not in that game.