Yoga Every. Single. Day.

I’ve signed up for yoga on a 6 month basis. They have a deal with their frequent flier program that once you get to 1000 points (essentially, 300 points a month or so), they match your purchase. Currently, a year of unlimited classes is $1,260, which puts the cost at $105 a month. If you buy a year, and they MATCH a year, it gets the cost to $52.50. That’s a steal, even if you don’t go daily.

This morning, the class wasn’t quite as hot. The studio at Harbor East has a really interesting room, in that its not drywall and drop ceilings, but more like… I don’t know, an attic? Its way more variable (as far as temperature goes) than Cockeysville and Locust Point. One of the postures is called “Locust Pose” or “Salabhasana”. It’s the most strength-required posture in Bikram, if you ask me. Two months ago, I couldn’t lay on my hands without my elbows screaming. I’m not sure how far I can pick my legs up, but I’m feeling VERY strong. Maybe I’ll try to get the teacher to take a picture of it. It works a weird section of lower abs… I want to be good at that one.