Sun JVS Power Supply Rebuild

So we use these Sun power supplies to power our naomis and whatnot, because they’re nice, usually pinned correctly, and have an adjustable 3.3v rail. Thats all well and good, and if you want them to last forever, you can recap them, just like you would anything else. I looked around at the internet, and found lots of different mentions of this power supply, but the cap lists didn’t match my findings, and the board didn’t even look the same. As it goes, check your work, don’t trust me blindly, and make sure that you verify what you’re changing out. The C5 on twistedsymphony’s rebuilt (here) is the AC filter cap, and on my board, C5 is some little baby cap. That could end in tears. Anyhow, on with it.

First, get your power supply, your screwdriver set, your flush cutters, magnet parts cup, all the normal things. Take everything apart, so we can get a good look.

You can grab your calipers to check my work (or take my word for it) that the fan is a 12v 8cm brushless fan. Additionally, it is 2.5cm thick… You might see these fans listed as 3”x3”x1”, but mm is usually a bit closer so I go with that. I’m going with a nice silent case fan from Microcenter (This one, actually). You can probably get one way cheaper on ebay or aliexpress, but this is one of my bench power supplies, so we’re going for gold.

Next up, the cap list. 

Sun 400-5397 PSU Cap list  
location V Uf  
C5 35v 22uf  
C11 200v 820uf(m)  
C13 35v 22uf  
C16 35v 22uf  
C22 16v 1000uf  
C23 25v 470uf  
C24 25v 47uf  
C28 10v 2200uf  
C29 10v 2200uf  
C33 10V 2200uf  
C34 10v 2200uf  
C37 50v 2.2uf  
C41 50v 2.2uf  
C43 35v 22uf  
C44 25v 47uf  

Use flux, clean up after yourself, make nice field windings and heatshrink the cable if you need to re-use the fan connector. We want this to last a while!

Pump it Up CX Modifications: Part 1

Just got back from Ohio, where I picked up another Pump it Up machine, this time, for keeps! Its a Japanese CX model, which is the same as the international model, but about a foot shorter in the header. Its interesting to open these pads up, since I’ve never messed with this newer version, and there are some interesting and important changes that Andamiro implemented.

The first thing that I noticed was that, in spite of the fact that the pad lights are LEDs, they seemed a bit anemic. After opening them up, I noticed a few neat things. First, there is a 12v header to add more lights, and that the original spec is 3 5050 sized warm colored LEDs. This means that adding LEDs of my own would be very easy.

20171219 225953111 iOS

So, I wired up the LED panels that I basically use for everything, and it really pops! Here’s the link to buy them:

20171220 143237779 iOS

I also like the cooler color, it lets the arrow acrylic design really dictate the color, and looks more crisp. The photo makes it look like the new panels make it look washed out, and I think thats just a camera trick, because it definitely looks awesome in real life!

20171220 144653034 iOS

The sensor triggers have foam on them, so next up is the gorilla tape, and replacing the screws with something shinier. More soon!

Self Driving Uber!!

Nick and I are in Pittsburgh for a convention, and we hailed an Uber last night, and were informed that we were going to be driven in a self-driving car. I could have died, I was so excited. I had all expectations of a car rolling up and us getting in, but it was “operated”. I guess they’d call that a driverless car, not a self-driving.

There was an engineer with a laptop in the front passenger seat, and on his screen, it showed what the car “saw”. It was a very short ride, but I was speechless. We live in the future!

2/27 Arcade work!

Laura and I started putting the decals on Mortal Combat, and they look GREAT if I’m honest. I ordered custom drilled plexi, and its not perfectly square, so thats an issue. The T-mold is also a little goofy on the control panel but that should turn out ~ok~. 


Otherwise, America’s Army is working with mame, in a roundabout way. I need deeper sockets, and to reattach the guns. I got everything reattached to Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and now i just need to splice in the 12v line, find a creative way to mount the LEDs, and get the marquee from Angelo on Thursday, and it’ll be ready to go.

Starting breaking down the Korean cab. We’ll see how that pans out. 

1/26 Arcade Work Update

Last night was full of great work!

Silent scope is almost ready for action, but I ran out of glue for the last ~1.5 feet of t-mold. Go figure.

MVC2 in VT2 is really getting there! I crimped and pinned most of the control panel last night, and just have to sort out the pin-out now. I’m only missing the medium-punch button on the harness, and I’m not TOTALLY sure that that button is in the molex pack from the IO. Once I get this one done, I hope to be able to roll through the next one, since the pinout will be easy easy. I need to order more .110 pins.

Jubeat’s headphone amp is well under-way. I need a different cable (of course) to get the 1/8” audio source to the amp, and I need a small metal cage to shield the PCB. Also working on getting the router installed, which is a little goofy, but I basically missed the entire routing part in the instructions, so I’ll have to go back and fix that. 

ArkInventory Rule for Rare Baits in 7.1.5

ArkInventory did not include a ready-made category for the rare bait items in Legion, so I made a rule for it. Hope this helps!

itemstring( 133701, 133702, 133703, 133704, 133705, 133707, 133708, 133709, 133710, 133711, 133712, 133713, 133714, 133715, 133716, 133717, 133719, 133720, 133721, 133722, 133723, 133724, 133795, 139175 )