I ran too many races.

If you have seen my hamstrings, do let them know that I miss them, and wish them a speedy return. I wrote about the two events I was registered for this weekend, the 5k Saturday, and the 10k Sunday.

I have returned, and completed both of them, both with awful times! There are a few bright, shining stars for these things, though.

Bel Air Moonlight 5k – Saturday, June 29, 2013

This race was fun, but small. I think they said just over 200 people registered for it. I got in late, so I was not guaranteed a shirt, the crew at the race ( Elite Race Management ) has assured me that they are ordered more T-shirts, and will let me know when its available. The shirt is highlighter yellow, cotton, and actually has very few sponsors on the back. Some might balk at Chic-Fil-A sponsorship for moral reasons. I think their food is great, but can’t eat most of it, so I’m largely neutral on their corporate stance. They provided bibs and pins, of course, and gave out glow sticks (2 per person) which was pretty cool. I tried to put them together as a necklace, but apparently my neck is too… robust.

The course was not terrible. It was an out and back for about 2 miles, which ran along a trail. I assume it was the Ma and Pa trail, but who knows. I couldn’t figure it out with Google. We ran across some wooden bridges, which was pretty neat. Not a totally flat course (the blue line) but not crazy.

My chief complaint about the event is that they had a moonlight race at 8:15PM in the summer. By most measures, if you’re going to have a moonlight race, complete with glow sticks, it should be dark. Sunset was reported at 8:37PM, and even a slow runner can pull out a 50 minute 5k. So, if you started promptly at 8:15PM (which we did, and we didn’t need a wave start or anything), most walkers would be done by 9, which the glowsticks might START to be seen. I don’t know. I’m sure this seems like nit-picking. The registration was just $30, so that’s pretty cheap. The event was fun, I met some fun people. I can’t say that I’d do it again, or that I’d choose it over another race, though.

Ellicott City 10k – Sunday, June 30, 2013

I was not prepared for this run. I talked a whole lot about how hard the Dreaded Druid Hills 10k was. I was wrong. It was hard, but on a very strange level. There were lots of hills, and they were very difficult. The Ellicott City 10k was a monster. My hamstrings were not OK at the end.

You see, this course is 1.6 miles of downhill, follow by 1.6 miles of uphill, and you run 2 loops. Running uphill for 1.6 miles is tough. Doing it twice is hamstring killing.

I finished in a miserably bad time, and I basically limped to the car. Sitting at work on Monday, my hamstrings are still recovering. I don’t know how well you can see the elevation profile on the picture above. It was crazy.

The premium for this race is a white tech shirt, which is pretty cool. The registration was only $35 which is pretty cheap. I would probably do this race again. It was fun, all considered.