Collectible things as an adult

Weird things happen when you get older. You think that some things you’ve grown up with are going to go away, and some, to be fair, do. I have very little interest in going out and getting ridiculously drunk and racking up a huge bar tab. I have very little interest in going out at all, unless it’s for dinner with friends. I can’t help that, it’s the evolution of the rest of my life. Getting up early for exercise means that I have to go to bed early, and that takes priority. Not to mention that hangovers just suck now.

When I was younger, I played Magic: The Gathering. I played it poorly, and collected a bunch of cards with no reasonable understand of card rarity or real deck building skills. I’ve learned more about MtG in the last month than I did in the entire span of the other times I’ve played it. It is not a simple game… It certainly carries a stigma. Hanging out at a local game shop playing cards with anyone from kids to grown folks, and paying money for the privilege is not some people’s idea of a fun Friday, and I guess I get that. I’ve worn my nerd badge pretty proudly my while life… I’ve given up trying to be seen as a cool kid. It’s too much work, and nerd stuff is fun. The communities surrounding these games are huge. There are TONS of game stores running tons of events each week.

Anyhow, all that aside, the thing that I have now (as opposed to the other times I’ve played MtG) is a smidge more expendable income. Additionally, I’ve learned that drafts exist, taking out the element that I always hated: getting destroyed by a known-to-be-imbalanced deck. I like to collect MtG cards, but I’m most interested in a few. The Zendikar series, as well as the mostly-illegal Unhinged/Unglued sets, have full card lands that are SUPER cool. I’d like to get a full set of ~100 foil full art lands… That’d be very expensive. However, just getting a set of full art cards should be pretty easy. That’s my current goal. Check these things out!