Inbox Zero

There is a big to-do about “Inbox Zero,” which is a concept that, as closely as I can tell, started with Merlin Mann, a known productivity guru.

There is a google talk about it (here: Its basically “Email is work. It sucks, and its overwhelming. As awesome it is, we are constantly bombarded, and things slip through the cracks. The system you should put into place is to have no email.”

I’m hoping to take this on as my method for email management in 2015. This is my “resolution,” but I’ve been going for about a week. You should try it too!

System Administrators Day!

Today is System Administrator’s Day.

Nurses and Teachers get a week. Veterans get national holidays. Without system administrators, this world that we live in stops dead, cold in its tracks. Go hug your sys admins. We get screamed at an awful lot, and we don’t pull the plug on the world, which means we love you, in our own way.


Try to think, for a moment, of a job that does not involve computers in any way. System Administrators touch EVERYONE’s lives. Hug your sys admin!

Truecrypt is Dead?

I’ll throw this here, just as a reactionary post. 

  • Truecrypt is no longer a thing, as announced by their site. There are a lot of theories swirling around, and I can’t tell which I like best. Most involved tinfoil hats. Some theories are:
  • MBR / GPT: Truecrypt can’t do full disk encryption past 2.2 TB
  • NSA sent an NSL and the developers threw the kill switch
  • Internal power struggle in the development team
  • Exploit found making it insecure
  • Truecrypt is actually made by the NSA, and they’re scared of the independent audit finding a backdoor that they’ve used in another product
  • Death of a developer making the project impossible

I have no idea what to believe. I am watching anxiously, not because I actively use Truecrypt, but because I don’t like when things that are very public disappear in a way that is… fishy, to say the least.

Per usual, normal news is very slow, and twitter is buzzing with updates. Check it out: